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Peaceful Pace.jpeg

Elizabeth Nagle’s is using her visual and emotional experiences to explore ways to create a magical atmosphere. Her passion lies in painting and the process of creating on a blank canvas. Concerned with value, color, gesture, and composition she strives to be playful, inventive, feminine, mischievous, witty and pleasantly offbeat.  Her works are often grounded in narrative and might be populated with weird and wonderful characters.


Her creative process is mostly intuitive, unplanned and free-flowing. Her works include painting, drawing and mixed media pieces and she explores all sizes.

Working on multiple pieces at a time, adding, subtracting, doing and undoing, layering, covering and uncovering, turning and re-turning she will eventually settle on orientation and complete the piece.


Nagle earned her BFA from San Francisco Art Institute. Her work has been shown throughout the United States and she is the recipient of numerous residencies and awards. In 2019 she was recognized by the Vermont Arts Council and the Vermont Art Guide as a 2019 Vermont Artist to Watch. She resides in Southern Vermont with her husband and 3 dogs.

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